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Services Terms & Conditions of Engagement

My Business Keeper (ABN 92907351967) is an ABA Member 5477, ICB Member 410934 & Registered BAS Agent 29046529


My Business Keeper aims to provide the highest standard of professional service and are focused on the concerns of your business clients. If for any reason you feel you have not received the level of service expected or have an issue to raise, please contact at +61 2 6361 6364 to discuss how the problem may be resolved.

Furthermore, as a Member of the Institute for Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), My Business Keeper is subject to the ethical requirements of ICB. These requirements cover issues such as Code of Conduct and Ethics, adherence to Bookkeeping Standards & requirements to undertake Continued Professional Education. For more detail contact ICB website:

Service Fees

Fees will be charged in accordance with the current fee schedule provided on engagement.
An invoice generated in accordance with this agreement
Payment of that invoice is immediately in accordance with this agreement & deducted via direct debit 3 days post .

If payment is not made without prior arrangement by the due date My Business Keeper may charge a 2% compound interest charge on balance of bill.

My Business Keeper reserve the right to stop work if you fail to make payment when and as it falls due.

Any debts beyond 30 days (unless a prior payment arrangement has been entered into) will be referred to a debt collection agency and any costs associated in recovering such debts will be passed onto you.

My Business Keeper reserve the right to review fees for services rendered on a regular basis;

Travel outside Orange town limits is charged at time according to google maps

Confidentiality Clause

Any information and all matters connected with and relating to your business and its performance are confidential and no party shall disclose them to any other person/entity unless authorised to do so in writing. This includes the ATO and your accountant.


You must keep My Business Keeper informed of your current business details including address, phone and email address. Communication will be primarily by email & text.

Lodgement of Information with ATO

You will be provided with an authorisation for all lodgements required by the ATO including BAS lodgement, Single Touch Payroll and TPAR reports. Lodgement will not be done until that authorisation is returned signed to our business. Failure to lodge on time can incur a fine and this will be your responsibility to pay if the authorisation has not been received by My Business Keeper. This is an ATO legal requirement.

Authority for BAS Agent (named below) to act on behalf of the Taxpayer (named below) in respect to the taxpayers dealings with the Australian Taxation Office.

This agreement provides authority to My Business Keeper act on your behalf in regards to the ATO and is including but not limited to;

  • Adding the Taxpayer to the Client List of the BAS Agent with the ATO ECI lodgement facility
  • Adding the Taxpayer to the Client List of the BAS Agent on the ATO BAS Agent view of the Portal
  • Representing the Taxpayer in their dealings with the Commissioner in relation to a BAS Provision

Preparing and Lodging Activity Statements

Having access to activity statement and related information that may be provided via access to BAS Portal

Review of Documentation

The responsibility for reviewing final reports and/or work rests with you.

My Business Keeper takes full responsibility for outcomes provided in accordance with the information received, however revisions done at your request will be charged at an agreed rate.

Responsibility for Bookkeeping Records

Responsibility for the maintenance and accuracy of business records rests with you; this includes security of those records and prevention against fraud. It is important to remember that you are personally responsible for the information contained in any statutory return and that you must retain all necessary supporting documentation to substantiate the transactions.

If My Business Keeper are advised in writing by yourself that you have copies of the invoices and the GST is applicable, My Business Keeper will enter the information but the requirement to validate is yours.

Ownership of the Accounting Software File

Subscription and associated fees and charges will be paid by direct debit in advance. Should accounts be unpaid My Business Keeper may remove access until accounts are held in advance.

If My Business Keeper use the client’s Accounting Software, then the ownership of the file remains with the client and will be returned to the client on completion/termination once all our accounts are paid.

Destruction of Documents and Files

Upon our request either during our engagement or following its termination, you must collect your property without delay which will be released to you once our accounts are paid. Should any of your property remain in our possession following our request to collect it, My Business Keeper will hold the property for three months before destroying it in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law and Fair-Trading Act 2012.

Working Standards

When working onsite My Business Keeper expect a reasonable working environment which includes safety regulated chair, office space and non- smoking area. Note normal works practices are a catch up meetings and work is delivered remotely.

Utilisation of other Workers

Employees or contractors may be utilised to help complete the agreed work as required. All representatives of My Business Keeper required to be qualified, supervised and have signed a confidentiality agreement regarding your information. If required they will work under direct supervision of a registered BAS agent.

Cancellation Fee

My Business Keeper reserve the right to charge a fee if our appointment is cancelled on the day. This will be 50% of the allocated cost.


You agree to indemnify My Business Keeper for any loss that may result from third party claims arising from the provisions of the services. If there is a claim against My Business Keeper for loss, the loss will be proportionately reduced by the extent of your contribution to the loss.

HR Indemnity

My Business Keeper does not claim to, or act as a HR or fair work specialist. Payroll is processed at your direction. Should My Business Keeper believe you are acting outside fair work parameters you will be advised in writing and My Business Keeper reserves the right to refuse such work.


Engagement to provide Payroll Services & Single Touch Payroll Employer Declaration & Authorisation

This agreement confirm the engagement of Pauline Haydon and My Business Keeper

Registered Agent No. 29046529
from the start of this proposal agreement to provide payroll services to the business
This agreement authorises the above named Agent to give the STP pay event payroll reports to the Commissioner of Taxation, for the business, based on the information provided to the Agent, by the agreed process, for each pay run. I declare that we will only provide true and correct information to the Agent for each pay run. In good faith My Business Keeper will calculate all PAYG & superannuation based on this information.

Client accept responsibility of providing staff salaries and worked hours to My Business Keeper by the appropriate pay run date. I acknowledge, it is my responsibility to ensure my staff wages are paid in line with the appropriate payroll awards and fair work guidelines. I acknowledge it is my responsibility to ensure my staff have the appropriate PAYG amounts withheld from each pay along with the statutory rate of superannuation paid quarterly.

I, Client declare that at the date of making this declaration the business is able to utilise this upfront STP Engagement Authority as the business has no overdue activity statements, nor any overdue amounts owing to the ATO (amounts subject to an approved payment plan are not considered overdue for this purpose) and that the business has complied with its PAYG Withholding obligations in the last two years.

  1. This engagement remains in place until;
    otherwise notified by either party or the ATO
  2. there is a variation in the agreed payroll process
  3. there is a change in the payroll information, or
  4. the business is no longer eligible to utilise this STP Engagement Authority
    I, Client acknowledge that this STP Engagement Authority is only valid while the business adheres to the following ATO requirements:
    a) Activity Statements are lodged on or before the appropriate due date (including the Agent extended dates where applicable) or any later lodgement is in accordance with an approved lodgement extension.
    b) Amounts due to the ATO are paid by the due date or are subject to an approved payment plan.
    c) The business must comply with its PAYG Withholding obligations
    d) The Directors are not subject to a Director Penalty Notice

Right of Lien

reserve the right to hold records and data against any outstanding debts. Note this will only apply to records and data that has been worked on but for which payment is outstanding.